Saturday, 20 June 2009


Most of the shots involving the train need smoke, this is rendered out of maya and duplicated and multiplied over itself by harvey in after effects to get the thickness and colour deoth required.

Samuel King website now up.

Animation, Concept art, modelling, games design.

One of the models used on the below shot 41.

Mine shots as seen in the film

The mines as seen in the film, Two different environments, post production by Sam Harvey.

Mines working

Viewport shots of the below scene.


A couple of mine renders. Open gl renders coming in a mo.

The texture referenced below

As its a bit of a focal point im including the texture used below.

BIG envi more screens

ABOVE^ some of the populous beiing textured.

Below_ A couple of final renders that show off how the scene looked.

Big Environment

Texturing in the massive first environment, this scene includes a few of my props but the majority was created by the rest of the team so it needed a bit of mofication before texturing, as usual only the best bits are included here ^_^

Rendered carriage interior shots

Carriage Interior Texturing

These are a couple of select textures from the carriage interior, originally i had a choice between wall colours but decided to continue the red theme.